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How To Market Videos

Written by AR. Posted in Video Marketing.

If a picture says a hundred words then a video surely says thousands. There is nothing more concise yet elaborate and elegant than a video to market your business.

However even if you have a great videos which you think will give you an uncommon advantage over your competitors, if its not 'seen' by the masses it won't work. Some of the best places to market your videos is YouTube and MySpace. So this article will cover some of the best practices to get more traffic on your video. It is always good to have a proper SEO professional to do this job but this article gives you a general idea about how to market videos.

1.Proper content optimization -
When asked about 'how to market videos' one thing which always helps is proper SEO or content optimization. Having a moderate amount of keywords in your description(yes it is required) and a well thought title would do the trick. Having the keyword in title would be a great. You can even make lengthy and descriptive yet meaningful and interactive titles to get your video come in the first page of the search list. Keep your keyword variations down to an exact number of three, anything above is treated as spam in YouTube and anything less is waste of resources provided. Also check on the amount of variations needed other websites before going on to post your video.

2. Creating backlinks -
Generating backlinks is probably one of the best ways to make your video go viral on the net. Have a proper contact with different websites to post links to your video or even better, request them to directly post the video if possible. If you can find webmasters willing to upload your video in their site, ask them to add a Facebook's 'Like' button in it.

3. Social Media Marketing -
Yes, there is a direct relationship between your activity in social media and getting more traffic on your video. So go on and be active on social networks like Facebook and twitter. Connect with your friends, make new ones, and try joining groups which is similar to your video's theme. Post links to your video in those groups and you will steadily see the number of views rising. Another way is to asking your viewers to subscribe to your channel(please use it sparingly). Also posting links to your video in the comments section of other videos which have a similarity is a good idea to increase viewership.

4. Unique and creative content -
This one is most important factor which decides the viewship of your video. Always post videos with unique and catchy titles. For example - a video containing 'official' or 'exclusive' in its title will get more views than others. This is a bit of a grey hat method to market your video. However you can do it in white hat way too, ie. by adding unique titles every week to your video. Next is to make your video thumbnail interesting. Mostly the thumbnail of your video comes from the content in your middle part. So adjust the content accordingly so that people get a engaging curiosity about the video.